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Choosing The Best Criminal Defense Attorney in the Long Island, NY Area

Finding adequate criminal defense representation can be a daunting task under the stress of an arrest and subsequent criminal charges. However, it’s important to work quickly to contact an attorney capable of handling your legal needs to maximize the likelihood of avoiding substantial fines or imprisonment during your case’s legal proceedings.

Finding the right attorney can be difficult if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, and the stakes are often too high to leave such a decision up to chance. That’s why I’ve presented a series of guidelines you can use to evaluate potential candidates if you find yourself in need of legal counsel in the Long Island area.

The first consideration to keep in mind when evaluating an attorney is experience. Specific to this particular area of law, a suitable attorney should be experienced in the area of criminal defense related to your case. Although prior experience is an obvious symbol of quality when it comes to providing clients with the best possible service, a candidate’s related experience is often overlooked by potential clients.

In order to get the fullest picture of an attorney’s experience, remember to inquire about all kinds of criminal defense cases rather than dwelling solely on those similar to yours.

Case relevancy is also an important topic to cover when discussing a prospective attorney’s background experience. Remember that even the most experienced divorce attorney will probably not be of much help to you when facing DUI charges.

Another guideline to keep in mind when looking for proper representation is an attorney capable of explaining your circumstances to you in fine detail. Simply put, an attorney who lacks an understanding of the law as it pertains to your circumstances will not be likely to be of much assistance to your defense efforts. An attorney should be able to answer all of your questions regarding your case as well as the criminal charges being levied against you.

This should go beyond defense strategies and case details to include a thorough explanation of the prosecution and what its tasked with showing the judge or jury as well.

Lastly, attorneys offering free consultation services for potential clients are more likely to be reliable communicators than those who don’t offer such services. Consultations ultimately benefit the client by giving them an opportunity to speak personally to a potential attorney and provide a way for those facing charges to get a feel for a particular attorney’s background and expertise.

Author Bio:
Attorney Patrick Stangl is an experienced criminal defense attorney in Madison, WI specializing in OWI defense as well as appeals.

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