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If You Have Been Charged with DWI in the Long Island Area, It Can Be Beneficial to Participate in a Voluntary Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

Interviewer: What kind of good case stories do you have, whether they involved incidents of domestic violence or DWI?

Ben Doscher: It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but often on DWI cases it helps a lot if the person goes for a voluntary drug and an alcohol evaluation. If that evaluation comes back indicating that they don’t really have a problem that often leads to a better plea in that case.

I would recommend that people go to have an evaluation with an Oasis certified doctor or social worker.

It Is Always in Your Best Interest to Be Proactive, Not Reactive When Facing DWI Charges

Interviewer: Whenever you get a DWI, this is something that could definitely potentially help them? And this way, they are being proactive by doing it instead of waiting for a judge to order it, is that right?

Ben Doscher: Yes.  You don’t have to wait for the judge to order it.  You can just do it yourself. It’s never bad to do and you don’t have to tell anybody about it if it’s bad.

You can do it on your own and just have it sent yourself and your attorney and then just keep it private if you want to. It’s something protected by the physician-patient privilege too with whoever did the evaluation.

Interviewer: Oh, that’s great.  If it does indicate a serious problem, you are not under any obligation to inform anybody.

Ben Doscher: Yes, that is right.

The Judge May Look Favorably on Defendants Seeking Voluntary Treatment

Interviewer: Actually, how about if a person is found to have a problem during the evaluation?  Would that help them because you take it to the judge, oh my client has a problem and he needs help?

Ben Doscher: Yes.  Then you can say my client does have a problem and they already started treatment.  That could be helpful too.

In the Long Island, New York Area, the Evaluations Can Be Performed by an Oasis-Certified Counselor

Interviewer: You mentioned one facility where you can have the evaluation performed is called Oasis?

Ben Doscher: Yes, it’s called Oasis evaluator here on Long Island.

The Oasis Counselors Screen for Alcohol and Substance Abuse Problems

Interviewer: How about evaluating for problems with prescription or illegal drugs?  Do they do evaluations for that?

Ben Doscher: Yes, they do that too.

Interviewer: Any other unusual things that come to mind that help people move toward a more favorable outcome in their case?