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Testifying on Your Own Behalf before the Grand Jury

Ben Doscher: Something totally not off the topic, but if you really didn’t commit a crime and you have a good story to tell and they’re going to go to the Grand Jury to indict you, then  it’s always good to testify at the Grand Jury I think.  Even though most of the time it’s not good to testify at the Grand Jury.

Interviewer: What does it mean?  It means you testify before you’re even charged?

Ben Doscher: Yes.  That’s before you’re indicted.

Grand Juries Are Convened for Felony Charges 

Interviewer: If you’re going to be indicted by a Grand Jury and this would happen only in more serious cases, is that right?

Ben Doscher: Only in felonies, yes.

A Defendant Would Testify on His or Her Own Behalf to Forestall Formal Charges Being Filed Against Them 

Interviewer: If you’re facing a felony charge, you’ll have the option to make a personal statement before the Grand Jury? And if your statement makes sense and the story is valid, it’s possible that you may not be charged?

Ben Doscher: That’s how it would happen, yes.  Of course, you have to talk to your attorney at first.  If you’re really not guilty and maybe your story is going to be compelling, he or she might recommend testifying.