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Will You Know If You Are the Subject of a Criminal Investigation?

Interviewer: How does someone know if they’re going to be indicted or if they’re under investigation and going to be arrested?  Besides the obvious of being arrested, how will someone know?

You Will Be Notified If a Grand Jury Is Being Convened against You

Ben Doscher: Well, if there’s going to be a Grand Jury convened against you, you’ll be notified that you have the right to testify in front of the Grand Jury so that’s how you know about that.  If you’re being investigated, sometimes there’s no way to know.

Will You Be Asked to Answer Questions at the Police Station If You Are under Investigation?

Interviewer: Well, do people commonly get contacted by the police and asked to come make a statement?

Ben Doscher: It’s not that common.  It does not occur as often as you believe, but sometimes police detectives contact you and ask you to come down and talk to them.

Will You Always Be Arrested at the Police Station If You Are There to Answer Questions?

Interviewer: What happens if they do that?  Does that mean you’re going to be arrested or it could that they just want to talk to you?

Ben Doscher: It could be that they just want to talk to you.  It might not even be they want to arrest you.  It might be they want to gather information to arrest somebody else.

Do You Have to go to the Station to Answer Questions?

Interviewer: Let’s say the police asked you to come to the station and talk to them.  Are you obligated to go or can you say let me get an attorney first?  What can you do?

Ben Doscher: Yes.  You can definitely say I’d like to come down with an attorney and I would recommend that you do that.

It Is Always in Your Best Interest to Answer Police Questions with Your Attorney Present

Interviewer: It’s a mistake to go down and think you’re helping out and just answer questions that they want to ask you?

Ben Doscher: Even if they only want information about another person, you should still go with an attorney.  You never know what’s going to happen. It can’t hurt.  It’s better paying the attorney’s fees now instead of later.

Interviewer: I imagine it is protection because you could say something and unintentionally incriminate yourself and they could arrest you.

Ben Doscher: Yes, you never know what can transpire during police questioning.