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Wrong Place, Wrong Time: The Majority of Attorney Doscher’s Clients Are Not over the Legal Blood Alcohol Limit

Interviewer: In terms of alcohol cases, are people truly drunk at the time of arrest or are they close to the limit? With most of the clients that you see, where do they fall?

Ben: Most of the people I see aren’t really drunk. They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and they got pulled over. They are really, now, in a bad situation. They just need help getting out of it.

It Is Likely that DWI Charges Received in Nassau and Suffolk Counties with Be Strenuously Prosecuted

Interviewer: Are you seeing any commonalities among locations? Do DWI charges occur more in Nassau or Suffolk or near a city? Where do you see them happen more often?

Ben: They happen all over. I believe you see DWI charges more on Long Island just because people have to drive more out here, but it happens in the city a fair amount too.

Interviewer: Are there any differences you see in how it’s treated in the different counties and Burroughs?

Ben: Always in Nassau, Suffolk, the police and the courts are stricter with alcohol-related offenses than in the city. This is just because of the volume of the cases they have, I think, and because of the jury pool that sit on juries when they prosecute the cases as well.
There Is Typically a Conservative Jury Pool in Nassau and Suffolk Counties

Interviewer: What do you mean the jury pool?

Ben: The jury pool is more conservative in Nassau and Suffolk Counties than the city, so it’s easier on the prosecution than on the defense and vice versa when you’re trying a case the city.

Interviewer: I didn’t know that.

Ben: Typically, it is best to be a defendant is the Bronx because the jury pool is very pro-defendant there.

Will Your DWI Arrest become Public Knowledge?

Interviewer: When you’re arrested for DWI, every once in a while I’ll see the information published in the paper. How public is your situation going to be? Will friends and work and family find out?

Ben: Usually not. The charge is public record though. An enterprising person can do a quick search online to find the information but unless they know to do that, they’re not really going to find out.